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6 Must-Have Features That Every Crypto Gear Store Should Have—But Usually Don't

June 05, 2019

You might have had a frustrating experience like I did: You Google "Bitcoin t-shirt" and check out the first few hits. But as you are searching for that one must-have item, you just can't bring yourself to click "Buy" on any of the stores you browse. What features were those stores missing that Cryptoholic Shop offers?

Here is a list of the 6 most important features a cryptocurrency gear site should have (but usually don't).

1. Offer Rewards Points for Your Purchases

Who doesn't love a good points and rewards system? Since customer satisfaction is our #1 goal, we knew that we needed to reward the trust that our customers have shown us by allowing them to accrue points that can then be redeemed to purchase items in Cryptoholic Shop. We aim to make sure every customer is 100% happy with their purchase, but we don't stop there. We have built a brand that rewards the people who stick with us longer than only one order.

2. Allow You to Join a Custom Email List Targeted to Your Favorite Cryptos

A problem we came across was that I never wanted to give away my precious email address to any store because I wasn't exactly sure if the emails I would be getting would be relevant. Who wants emails about a newly released MoonCoin-branded sweatshirt when you are only interested in DASH shirts?

When you sign up and are added to the Cryptoholic Shop email list, we immediately send you a survey that you can take to let us know which new products you would like to see emails about. Are you interested in Bitcoin, Ethereum, Monero, and TRON? Great! Just check those boxes on the survey so that when we release new items, you will not only be among the first to hear about them, but you will hear about them and only them! No pesky new product emails about Cardano mugs if that's not your cup of tea (Sorry Cardano, we had to use someone as an example; don't take it personally. We still love you.).

(And please know that we will never give or sell your email address to anyone. Promise.)

3. Filter Results by One or More Cryptos

You should have the ability to search for both Bitcoin and Ethereum gear on the website. And you should have the ability to see those results after having only to perform one search. But the websites I came across would only let me search either Bitcoin items, or Ethereum items, but not both at the same time. If you are searching for Bitcoin wall art and Ethereum wall art, why not have the option to see only results for both BTC art and ETH art on your results page instead of having to do two separate searches?

This was probably one of the most important features we wanted in Cryptoholic Shop, since it was one of the main reasons I cut my visits short on other crypto accessory websites.

4. Pay in Crypto, Get an Additional Discount

It makes it much easier to support a crypto clothing store when they help further the cause of mass adoption of cryptocurrency by accepting crypto as payment. To put our money where our mouth is, we also offer a discount if paying by crypto. On many of the other web sites I visited I couldn't be sure if they accepted crypto until I got to the cart checkout page and found out that paying with crypto wasn't an option. That's why Cryptoholic Shop has several places on our website that let you know that we accept several different cryptocurrencies as payment so that before you make it to checkout, you know how you will be paying for your new Cryptoholic Shop gear.

5. Items for Big or Small Spenders

We not only cater to customers who want to fill their house with crypto-themed art, electronics, and clothing, but also to those who are content with just a Bitcoin keychain. You'll find items of all prices on our site, and you'll find that our clothing and other items are competitively priced. We believe that you shouldn't pay for a crypto T-shirt shouldn't that costs the price of two non-crypto T-shirts.

6. Vast Collection of Crypto Accessories

We want to make shopping easy. You shouldn't have to visit three different crypto stores to find the three items you wanted. That's why we sell everything from clothing and hats, to crypto wall art and branded bluetooth speakers. You'll be hard pressed to find another crypto store that sells the breadth of crypto goods that Cryptoholic Shop does.

We set out to build a cryptocurrency gear store that would be #1 in terms of customer service and quality of our products. We are excited to share in this journey with you!


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